All flooding due to inadequate levees (overtopping and breaching)

This .pdf shows the extent and estimated depth of the flood in the areas specifically affected by the levee failures and breaches.  (Metairie’s flooding was due to the Jeff Parish government’s ineptitude in evacuating the operators of their drainage pumps.  However, the levees protecting Metairie from the west were not put to the test; so they shouldn’t get too comfortable.)

Extend of the flooding from federal levee breaches.

Extent of the flooding from federal levee breaches.

Flooding where there wasn’t even any overtopping

This next one focuses on the older sections of the city, those bounded on the east by the Industrial Canal and on the west by the 17th Street Canal.  What’s important to keep in mind wrt this half of the city is that there was no overtopping of levees.  All of the failures happened when the water level in the outfall canals was still well within their capacity as publicized by the Corps.

All this from breaches only, no overtopping