I began writing letters as soon as I read print media opinion columns displaying patently offensive disregard for the truth.  Caricatures and ugly distortions of New Orleans’ character and culture began immediately.  Such mean-spirited falsehoods enabled folks to dodge the fact that the overwhelming scale of the disaster was due to an engineering failure.

St. Louis Post Dispatch

I evacuated to St. Louis, where my best friend since college made room for my partner, myself, and our dog.  I’ve little doubt my host could, to this day, describe my reaction at the breakfast table when I read a certain opinion piece one day in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The Gov. of Idaho to the British Guardian

The following June, Idaho’s Gov. Risch made an appallingly ignorant remark to the British Guardian comparing resourcefulness of New Orleanians with that of the good people of Idaho following the Teton Dam failure.  I wrote to him and to the Boise daily newspaper.  I also was moved to make it the subject of a Newsweek “My Turn” column, but they didn’t use it.  Maybe the Newsweek editors were experiencing “Katrina fatigue” — or afraid their readers might be.